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Oyster Grey

This project was completed 2023. The creative design is achieved using oyster grey as well as accents of storm grey, both from our lux series

Oyster grey’s, rich colour provides a sense of depth to the pool. The  luminous, iridescent characteristics catch the light, which creates movement even when the water is still.




This project was completed early 2020. The sophisticated, modern design is achieved through our popular HYDRA 80.

HYDRA 80’s  calm white colour acts to draw your attention to the water. This creates a sense of space, making your pool area feel larger, sleeker, and tranquil.

Order HYDRA 80 to complete your backyard oasis!


This project was completed late 2023. This cutting edge design is achieved using our 2291S’.

2291S’ electric colour creates a bright and modern look to your pool, whilst the solid colour in the tile helps to create a still and tranquil atmosphere! Truly the perfect combination to compliment such a beautiful outback oasis.

Opal White

This project was completed late 2023 using our most popular choice, Opal White. Using a bright white tile in your pool creates a bright and beachy look whilst helping to open up the space and appear larger. 



This eye catching pool was completed in 2018. By using a deep green tile, the pool shows a beautiful and striking colour sure to turn heads. The rich colour helps to deepen the pool and shows the movement in the water. 


This project was completed 2017. The striking design is achieved through our bold EN2286S.

EN2286S’s vivid blue injects a high pigmented pop of colour. This vivid colour also acts to create the illusion of depth. As you can see in the photo, there appears to be no bottom to this pool!

Order EN2286S to create a vibrant outdoor space!


Check out our Project Gallery to get an idea of how our tiles look in real pools. We recommend you contact us for further descriptions and samples as colours may vary, dependent on your screen settings.

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